Air Conditioning Maintenance Near Carterville, IL

Treat Your AC to Cleaner Insides & a Longer Life

You've never gotten an oil change, but when your new car breaks down on the shoulder of the interstate, you wonder why. Did you not pay enough for the car? Was the car not a quality car? Was the car not the choice of Consumer Review? Yes on all three counts. So why did this car stop working? Lack of maintenance. And that repair work you need because of lack of maintenance is going to be expensive.

The same is true for your AC. No matter how high quality your new air conditioner is, if you don't give it maintenance each year, you're asking for trouble. Annual air conditioning maintenance visits will improve energy efficiency and spot impending repair needs before they leave you hot and sweaty this August. Maintenance also makes your AC unit last longer, saving you tons of money over the years.

Charlie’s AC Maintenance 101

What does a technician do when he comes out to provide maintenance? A lot!

The thermostat is the way we can gauge if the unit is doing what we want it to do, so generally a check of the thermostat is usually first on our list to determine if the unit is performing up to par. We also review electrical connections, checking the voltage and current and ensuring that all connections fit snugly.

We'll look for obvious causes for repair, like a clogged condensate drain or damaged fan blades, and fix those, as well as install a new filter, which will cleanse your air and trap dust and particles to keep them out of your air cycle.

We look at the coils, which should be cleaned for excellent operation of your unit and to lengthen the lifespan of your AC. We'll clean the parts of the blower to encourage the flow of air and also check your refrigerant.

When you have Charlie's Air Conditioning & Heating perform these maintenance services annually, you not only let your AC live to see another year, but you will see the efficiency of your machine expand so that you are never paying giant bills for tiny amounts of cool air. Call (618) 985-2502 today to book your maintenance appointment.

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