Blown Insulation Near Carterville, IL

Make Your Southern IL Home More Energy Efficient

Older homes have so many things going for them. They are standing samples of history; they have character; they can often remind us of simpler times. Unfortunately, these pieces of nostalgia are often poorly insulated, drafty and hard to keep comfortable and energy efficient. Even if your Southern Illinois home was built in the last 30-40 years, it's more than possible that you're due for an insulation upgrade.

Your home was likely originally insulated with thick, meaty “batted” insulation, usually made of fiberglass or paper, installed between the ceiling joists and the wall studs. These batts shrink over time, leaving you with insufficient insulation.

What's the Cost of Having Too Little Insulation Near Carterville, IL?

It's likely your lack of thick insulation is allowing hot air to escape your home through the upper level or attic. It also causes an overworked furnace, and the risk of your pipes freezing because there isn't enough insulation to protect the pipes from the cold. Unfortunately, it's hard to add insulation because to get to the joists and the studs you have to get behind the drywall, which requires a lot of banging down walls.

What is here to save the (extra chilly) day? A little building material called blown-in insulation or blown insulation, a non-invasive process that allows us to build a strong barrier between your home and the elements.

How Can Charlie's Air Conditioning & Heating Save You $$$ With Blown Insulation?

Most of us aren't going to want to hammer through our walls to make our homes warmer and our heating bills smaller. With blown insulation, you don't have to hack the house apart! Instead, we cut several small, easily patched holes near the ceilings of your home and use a special hose to blow in the insulation.

Because there's no clunky batting or replacing sheets of drywall, your blown insulation can be installed in just a few hours, saving you tons of money on labor. Plus, blown-in insulation can get in tiny crevices where batt insulation wouldn't have fit, possibly sealing additional areas in the home where cold air was coming in.

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